Message from Hon. Secretary

Prof. K. Thomas

Hon. Secretary of VES

WCCBM is a destination among academic campuses in Navi Mumbai. We have a large number of students who seek admission to the Institute. The campus is very peaceful and one can feel pulsating dynamicism and energy as the students go about various activities like academics, cultural activities, sports and other extra curricular activities. The college has come a long way from the time of its inception. Today we have good infrastructure facilities. We also have a dedicated team of teaching and non teaching staff taking care of the needs of students.
WCCBM strives to make technologies available to the students to enhance themselves into the digital world of today in the process of educating. WCCBM also believes in the value of ethics and morality and tries to inculcate the same in our students.
We believe our students are our future. They are also the ambassadors of WCCBM. We believe they are the true stake holders in the world of education & academics.
We strive to figure as the most sought after destination for all future students coming to WCCBM by proving our mettle.
I wish the new students joining this year the very best in all their endeavours.
WCCBM is an academic destination for students who are willing to spread their wings to conquer greater horizon.